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I Can Fix That!

You ever wonder what your purpose in life is? Ever sit and reflect and say to yourself what are my gifts? What do I have to offer that can make the world better? Often, I ask myself these very questions. I must confess that I struggle with what my close friends refer to as “stinking thinking.” Am I the only one who has this struggle?

In case you are wondering what “stinking thinking” is, it’s when your inner voice tells you bad things, sometimes about others, but mostly about you, that are 100% inaccurate. Even though these thoughts are inaccurate and although you may know that they are, that unfortunately does not stop those thoughts from persisting.

My inner voice sometimes says “Rhoda, you may as well stop trying to help others because you can’t even help yourself.” And other times, “Girl, you need to have a seat, that gift you think you have no one is interested, it’s not relevant.”

All kinds of untruths flow through my mind. However, my intentions for writing and sharing this is not to paint a doom and gloom picture of who I am and the struggles I face, but mainly to help someone else who may be having these same struggles. Although stinking thinking exists, so does the power to resists, reject and replace; that’s basically how I overcome this annoying pattern, I resists the thought, through redirecting my thoughts towards positive thoughts, I reject the thought by not accepting it as truth and replace the thought with a truth.

I am often sought after to write something for someone else. I have been asked to write bio’s for Actresses and Activists. I have been asked to write presentations for executives, internship letters of interest, business plans, cover letters, resumes, LinkedIn profiles, news story briefings, marketing materials, etc. So, I know that one of my many gifts, is writing. I was with a friend the other day and I said to her “what should my brand be, what should I be known for?” She replied, “I can fix that!” She said when I think of you and your gifts what comes to mind is “I can fix that!” She said, “Rhoda you have a way with written words, you can put somethings together in a way that no one else can.”

I have been reflecting on those four words ever since they have been spoken to me. And I have decided you know what? I CAN FIX THAT! Literally, seriously, I really can. If you need anything written, from scratch or simply enhanced, I CAN FIX THAT! Resume, cover letter, business plan, presentation, whatever the writing need is I CAN FIX THAT! And you know what else I can fix? Me and my stinking thinking! Through continuing to resists, reject and replace, my thoughts will continue to transform into healthy, confident thinking, and I will continue to accept, grow and embrace the genius in me. We all have a gift, we all have a talent. What is yours?

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